The Brick Pit NZ began in 2017 after trialling Lego Challenges the classroom. As experienced teachers we saw its potential to provide elements of interactive learning, creative fun, problem solving and STEM challenges for all ages.

Lego was never part of the world that I grew up in – almost everyone else I know has some childhood memory of imagination and play. Mine was tree huts, the garden and the park over the fence. It wasn’t until my children were born that I discovered these amazing blocks that had endless opportunities to build – interchangeable, colourful, indestructible and FUN! Over the years the blocks grew smaller and the imagination grew wilder.

After 20 years as an art teacher it was time for a change. A trip to Denmark took us to the Lego House and spent a busy cold afternoon building – it was a feast for both young and young at heart to adapt and rebuild the structures in an endlessly evolving landscape of creative building.

The potential for learning was limitless and my idea was born.

My colleague Vanessa and I research and developed activities/ challenges using Lego as a regular part of our classroom programmes. We tried and tested Lego challenges and concepts in the classroom across various levels and found an overwhelming positive response from both teachers and children. Many parents commented on how much their children looked forward to the Lego sessions at school. It was an excellent tool that enabled children to express their creative brains and enhance their learning in all subjects. We soon realised the value of this creative play based learning and wanted to share our expertise with a larger audience.

Alofas to the many friends who listened and shared their thoughts

‘The Brick Pit NZ’ was built, one brick at a time.

Clare A Thompson